Graphic Design, Branding, Logo design, Print, Artworking, Web, Animation, SEO or German/English language expertise and copywriting. Are you looking for competent support with any or a combination of these?

I am a versatile digital designer with wide-ranging experience and skills. As a committed professional, I offer freelance services under the banner of Littlewolf Design ltd.

My work reflects a broad field of interests and I am therefore open to any business propositions utilising any single one or mix of my skills.

My digital company is based in Durham, North East of England. As a result of low overheads and expenses, I am able to offer top quality work at competitive prices. There is no need to maintain a prestigious office space. Instead I take pride in creating aesthetic and functional design that helps my clients fulfill their ambitions.

In this digital age, there is no real need to tie your business to ‘big player’ suppliers with offices in city centre locations. At Littlewolf Design you certainly pay for good service and design, nothing else.

Check out this site to get a better idea of my work and please get in touch.